Promo: 15% Off All Things Pink

Pink Ribbon Bling Shirt w/ Think Pink Bling Cap

Ladies!  Its that time of year again…October.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month is almost upon us.  Get your Pink Ribbon/Think Pink fashions at The Aesthetic Domain.  We have a selection of Pink Ribbon Bling Shirts and Bling Caps.  To Kick off our new Boutique & Blog Website, The Aesthetic Domain is offering $5.00 Off Pink Ribbon/Think Pink T-Shirts and 15% Off all pink colored merchandise to all Subscribed Users.  All things pink includes all pink colored:  clothes, hats, scarves, belts, & fashion jewelry.  Excludes: custom jewelry, bling caps, & purses.

I receive an e-mail each time a new user subscribes to the Blog.   When I receive notification of each user’s registration, I will e-mail the 2 promotional coupons directly to you.

Note:  “All Things Pink” includes all pink-colored clothes, hats, scarves, belts, & fashion jewelry.  (Excludes: genuine/custom jewelry, purses, & non-pink ribbon bling caps.)

Promo will run from now until the end of October 2015.


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