5 Pearls of Wisdom on the Perils of Fashion

#1 Don’t Let Yourself Go!  Ladies, you must keep it together for your own self-esteem and confidence.  I don’t care if all your hair has fallen out from the Chemo.  Get thee to the nearest beauty supply store and start looking at wigs and fashionable scarves.  I don’t care if you’re a working mom with a full-time job, a husband and two sets of twins.  Hop online, pick out a couple of blouses and have them shipped directly to your house.  I don’t care if you’re taking care of your elderly father, and going back to school to get your master’s, take a few hours off and get your toenails done.  You will not regret it. When you look good, you feel good…even if your life is falling apart around you.  Do you realize that there is a woman, somewhere, right now giving her husband detailed instructions about which outfit she wants to be buried in?  Fashion is for Life!  Remember that, ladies.

Friend & I at White Linen Night, Aug/2010. This photo of me ran in the Houston Chronicle.
White Linen Night, Aug 2010. This photo of me ran in the Houston Chronicle.

#2 Don’t Take Photos Unless You’re at Your Best.  Five years from now, do you really want photographic proof of your bad hair day?  Seriously, you NEVER know where the pictures you take will end up.  A few years ago, I was at a street festival and a photographer took a picture of my friend and me.  A few weeks later, the photo turned up in the Houston Chronicle!  I kid you not.  To this day, if you google my name, the picture comes up.  I still have the clipping.  Everyone at my church, at my job and in my family saw it.  Now imagine, if I hadn’t been looking my best, I’d have never lived it down.

#3 Don’t Go to the Store in Your Jammies and a Ratty T-shirt.  What if you run into the Pastor of your church or your son’s sixth grade teacher?  Is this how you want them to see you?  Standing there with a rag on your head and juice-stained bunny slippers on your feet?  I think not.  (Likewise, single ladies, what if there is a cute guy there?  You’ve just blown your chances if you’re rolling around looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.)

#4 Don’t Wear Trends That Don’t Look Good on You, be it a hair-do, a shoe type, or a certain dress style.  It doesn’t matter how popular it is, or how gorgeous it looks on your co-worker or your BFF.  If its not flattering to *your* body-type, avoid it like the plague.  You want to have style, but you don’t want to be a slave to every rabid fashion trend that Vogue magazine can dream up.  You’ll save money and look better.

#5 Don’t Go Commando.  Undergarments are not optional.  I’m not sure where this idea came from but it needs to go back there and die.  Going Commando is how we ended up with terms like “Wardrobe Malfunction” and “Camel toe”.  Bottom-line, you should have on a bra and panties at all times.  No excuses.  For every type of backless, strapless, sleeveless, or off-the shoulder dress that exists, there is a corresponding bra type to wear under it.  The same is true for panties.  No matter how short the dress is, how high the split goes, or how low the pants ride, Victoria’s Secret has a corresponding type of high-rise, low-ride, v-string, seamless, bikini, panty thing to wear under it. Likewise, slips, camisoles, and undershirts should be worn when wearing unlined or sheer garments. No exceptions, Ladies.

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

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