Shabby is Not Chic: 7 Fashion Don’ts

#1 Don’t continue to wear clothes or shoes that have gotten too little for you. This is especially important if you’ve gained weight.  (Think Positive Ladies!  You get to go shopping.  *happy dance*)  [Too-Tight Trademarks]

#2 Don’t wear clothes that are too big for you. Inexplicably, some ladies think that too-big clothes are somehow ok, while too-little clothes are taboo.  Not so.  Too loose clothes are just as unflattering as too tight clothes.

#3 Don’t wear clothes that have holes, rips, spots, missing buttons, or a hanging hem.  At best you’ll look shabby, at worse you’ll look tacky.  If you are not being taken seriously at work or in a relationship, check your appearance.  One element of commanding respect is to look like you deserve it.  Wearing damaged or dirty clothes to work or out with your man will not earn you much of anything.  It will invite people to treat you shabbily.

#4 Don’t continue to wear shoes with a worn heel.  Throw them out or have new heels put on both left & right shoe (Don’t do just one because it will be noticeable when you walk.  And even if it wasn’t, chances are, you will have to do the other shoe at some point anyway, best to have it done at the same time.)

**If the metal part is showing or (shame shame!) actually clicking against the ground when you walk, it needs to be replaced or the shoes need to be retired.

#5 Don’t let your bra strap show.  If you don’t have the proper type of bra for your outfit, buy one or don’t wear the outfit.  You should have the proper bra for every occasion, and when it wears out get a new one.  If you’re exercising (and you should) you need a sports bra.  If you’re wearing a strapless dress, you should wear a strapless bra… and so on and so forth.

#6 Don’t let your slip hang!  And don’t shorten it with a safety pin either.  This isn’t pre-historic times where you have to kill some sort of beast and skin the hide to get cloth and materials.  Go to Walmart.  You should have slips in multiple lengths, styles and colors to go with anything you might wear without having to pin it.

#7 Don’t let your panty line show.  If you wearing an unlined skirt that is fitted enough so that your panty-line is visible, you can just wear a slip.  If you’re wearing pants that are fitted and unlined, this presents a problem.  The answer is not to go panty-less. (Never!) What you can do is get a pair of seamless panties at Victoria’s Secret (or anywhere else they sell ladies’ undergarments.)

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

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