Guide to Diva-dom: 10 Fashion Do’s

#1 Buy maternity clothes, if you are pregnant. If you make-do with too big clothes and hanging T-shirts covering unbutton pants, you will look slightly shabby.  (Maternity clothes are generally not trendy so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.  To save money, keep them for the next baby.  If you do run across trendy maternity clothes resist buying them if you want to be able to re-wear them 3 years later with baby #2.)

#2 Down-grade, don’t throw away.  Old or ruined shirts can become house-wear or workout clothes.  All my current sleep-wear was at one time either Halloween shirts, workout wear, or casual tops.  Saves money and feels comfy.

#3 Replace heels on expensive shoes.  I have had the heels replaced on my leather boots. So totally worth it.  Cost like $10-$15, whereas if I’d bought a new pair of boots, I’d be out $75 – $100.  If it’s a $20 pair of sandals we’re talking about, toss them and head to your shoe store of choice.

#4 Look for unusual accessories.  They give you a more stylish look than the same old hoop earrings and pearl necklace.  And they don’t necessarily have to be expensive.  I find a lot of really interesting earrings/rings at street festivals and arts & craft shows (and you can usually bargain down the price.)

#5 Try a color you don’t normally wear just to be different and spice up your wardrobe.  Yes, you’ll have to buy new accessories to go with it, but trust me, you can find several things in your closet to wear the accessories with.  Whenever I buy a new pair of earring, no matter what outfit I bought them to match, I usually find 3 or 4 more things that I can wear them with.

#6 Wear a slip when you need one. (I can’t stress this enough) The general public should not see the junction of your legs or the color/pattern of your underwear.  You will get more respect from women and men alike for just dressing properly.

#7 Sew missing buttons back on ASAP.  The more time goes by, the less likely you are to do it. Plus, the longer you put it off the more you will be tempted to just “wear it anyway.”

#8 Sew up hanging hems.  There is no quicker way to look shabby and lose cool points than a dangling hem.

#9 Color match thread & style match buttons as much as possible when you are sewing up hanging hems and missing buttons.  Yes, it matters!  If you just sew on any old button, it will look tacky and out of place.  The same is true for your hem, Ladies.  Weird or mix-matched thread color is noticeable.

#10 Check your appearance in the natural light before you leave the house.  False or filtered light can be deceiving.  It conceals a multitude of small imperfections, which are easily avoidable if you catch them in time.  Natural sunlight exposes…

  • Colors that don’t really match.
  • Hidden spots and discolorations (particularly in white-colored clothes)
  • Small wear holes and tears.
  • Runs in your pantyhose.

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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