Buyer Beware: Too-Tight Trademarks

When you are trying on clothes, you should be aware of some things to look for if you are making a decision about the cut or fit of the garment.  Is it for you?  Does it fit right?  If you notice any of the following signs listed below that means it is too little for you.  Go up a size, and if the fit is still weird, don’t buy it!  (This includes all items at The Aesthetic Domain.)  Ladies, I want you to look good.  So, if you come into the shop and try on an item that doesn’t quite fit, my advice still stands…don’t buy it.  Save your money for next time.

Or, if you have clothes in your closet that you already own and they fit like this…you need to retire them and go shopping.

-It’s puckered across the chest.

– It rides up and you have to pull it down every time you sit or stand.

-The button-hole is stretched or elongated to the point where the button comes undone.

-The threading in the back seam is stretched or stressed.

-You can *see* the thread in the side seams and/or back seams.

-There is a reddened indentation in your skin (especially at the waist/stomach) from the button, zipper or taunt fabric when you take it off.

-You have to inhale, lay horizontal, or jump up and down to close the zipper, button, or clasp.   (Note: When you take it off, there will be a reddened indentation in your skin, trust me.)



-You have any trouble, even the tiniest bit, getting your foot in the shoe.  Ill-fitting shoes will do damage to your feet.  If this is a pair at the store that you’re considering buying…don’t.  If its a pair you already own, toss them.

Stay Stylish, Ladies

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