ePub “Dominic’s Nemesis” Available for Pre-order!

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I’m bounce-off-the-wall excited…My e-book launched today!  My very first publication ever!!!  (Well, not quite, but scientific research doesn’t count.  Who reads that stuff anyway?)  Anyhoo, so my genre-bending paranormal romance novel “Dominic’s Nemesis” is currently available for pre-order and free sampling (first 40-50 pages) at Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Barnes & Noble Nook.  It will eventually be available at Kobo, and a score of other eBook lenders, providers & formats.

And…I’m offering a pre-sale promotion, ladies…and guys too if you’re into romance (or you need a gift for your significant other).  Pre-order price $5.99.  If you wait for publication on November 9, 2015, the price will go up to $7.99.

Attention Book Club Members!! 

Dominic’s Nemesis is a great choice for any book club or discussion group.  I have take the liberty to include a Reader’s Discussion Guide at the end of the book. Great thought-provoking questions to whip your group into a lively debate.  (eh, I would post it on the blog but its not really meant to be seen before you read the book…spoilers much.)   Anyhoo, just thought I’d toss that little tidbit out there for anyone trying to make that final decision.

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