The Style Guru Speaks: Developing a Unique You…

Hello, Ladies!

I’ve got more info for you!  These are just some of my own musings and experiences that I’ve had in life that might help you.  I just thought, I’d share.

Part of your style is self-confidence and esteem..these are things you must have and if you don’t you need to work on developing them.  Having a good, positive image of yourself will help you look better in whatever you’re wearing.  (ok, *stepping down off soap box*)

#1 Thing…

Don’t compare yourself to other women. (Just don’t do it, it never works out well.)  And, for heaven’s sake don’t try to copy their style.  You will always lose this battle on every level, trust me.  I speak from experience.  First off, let me just say this…no matter how pretty you are, how great your hair looks, how perfect your figure is, there is always some woman, somewhere out there that looks slightly better…prettier, younger, a better smile, longer legs…whatever.  There’s no such thing as the perfect woman, which means, if you compare, you’ll always lose.  This is not to say that you aren’t a gorgeous woman in your own right, you are…just means that you shouldn’t feel the need to be prettier/better than someone else to solidify your own worth.  There…its said.  Now, you can start to develop your own style!

#2C01_0380 Look for and seek out unusual clothes…particularly ones that speak to your personality.  I got this top at a Boutique.  As a cat-owner (& cat lover) I just couldn’t resist it.  My cat’s name is Boo, and I also have several Halloween-themed tops with the word “Boo” on them.  People who know me chuckle at this.  But, its fun and unique..its me, so it works.  I once read a book where the central heroine only wore the color red…seriously, all her clothes were a different shade of red.  I found myself waiting to read the description of her next outfit.  She made a statement and it fit her personality and her career…Now, Ladies, if unique style can make a fake woman interesting, just think what it can do for real women!  I’m not suggesting you wear only one color, I’m just saying find your fashion niche and pitch a tent there.

#3 Pay close attention whenever someone gives you a compliment on something you’re wearing.  Generally, you want to use this as a guide when you are shopping.  If you wear a blue dress and get several compliments on it that means you look good in blue (this is a simplistic example, but you get my drift.)  Some ladies struggle with fashion, I know because they frequently ask me what I think of what they’re trying on.  How do I know what looks right on me?…Maybe you don’t, but trust me, others do.  Particularly men…if a man compliments you, then the style and/or color of whatever it is that you’re wearing is VERY flattering on you.  Next time you go shopping look for more things in that vein (don’t duplicate too much, but there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy amount of blue in your closet if its your best color.)

Stay tuned, More tips to come…

As Always, Stay Stylish!

D. Alyce Domain

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