The Style Guru Speaks: Being Uniquely You…Pt II

Hello, Ladies!

As promised I’ve got more info for you!  These are just some of my own musings and experiences that I’ve had in life that might help you.

#4  You shouldn’t make a habit of buying “outfits” that are already put together at the store. You know what I mean ladies. Remember those blouses that have the necklace already sewn in around the neckline? The matching earrings are likely on a nearby table if not attached to the necklace itself. Sure, this is quick and dirty, low maintenance style and great for office wear and corporate America. But your entire wardrobe should not consist of these types of cookie-cutter ensembles…not if you have diva ambition, that is. Sure, you will always look nice…just nice, never interesting or trendsetting. No one will ever ask you…Say, where did you get that? Because they already know, they have one at home just like it.

#5  Don’t be a fashion snob. What is that you might ask? Someone who doesn’t shop at certain stores because they think the clothes are “beneath them” or somehow the store itself is unworthy. This is not a good attitude to have. You can find great style ANYWHERE. One of my co-workers once complimented me on a maxi dress I was wearing and when she asked where I got it from, I told her…”Walmart.” She got this look on her face like, “Eh, you shop there?” Sure, why wouldn’t I? I also shop at resale boutiques, vintage shops, curbside garage sales, Goodwill, street festivals, church bazaars etc. A good place to shop is anywhere you see something that you think might suit your figure or your style. If I spot something cute (earrings, bling top, leggings etc), I don’t care where it is I’m all over that with both hands and a flashlight looking for my size. But I’ve overheard women saying stuff like…”Oh, I only shop at Donna Karan.” (O-kay. You get all your clothes from one place??) Which brings me to my next point…

#6  Don’t shop in the same one or two places, all the time. Branch out, try different places. In fact, whenever you get a chance to leave Houston (or whatever city where you reside) always check out the shopping scene. Different places have different styles, which will spice up your wardrobe.   Try going to vendor events…you can find some really cool things at festivals, start-up boutiques, garage sales, community markets, bazaars, arts & crafts shows, etc. Some of the merchandise found at these venues are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and usually affordable. (I would add “estate sales” to the list, but I shudder at the thought of wearing dead-people’s clothes/jewelry.) I do realize the irony in this…likely some of the things I’ve gotten at the venues mentioned above are donated from someone’s estate…but if I buy them at a garage sale, *I* don’t know that.  As long as I don’t know, it’s all good. : )

The Style Guru will speak again soon…

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

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