Sensitive Subject Matter: Personal Hygiene

Ok ladies, I’m continuing along with the theme of my most recent articles…The subject matter is sensitive, so I’m treading lightly, but I must address it.  The road to any worth-while pursuit begins with the basics…and that includes Diva style.  The very first step in the direction of developing and maintaining your own unique style is good personal hygiene.  For the purposes of our discussion I will break it down into several major categories…the first of which I will discuss in this post…Personal Grooming.  Other Categories will be addressed in subsequent posts.

Personal Grooming/Cleanliness – This has to do with keeping up your body and all its components. And the issues that I am about to address below are just the bare essentials.  These are the very basic things that you should be doing to maintain good personal hygiene.

Bathing to avoid body odor – There is just no getting around it.  Yes, it’s a pain in the winter when its cold and you have to submerge in water and then get out into the chilly air.  You can try taking a bath/shower at night…that way, you can at least avoid immediate exposure.  But make no mistake…you need to be bathing or taking a shower (which ever you prefer) at least once every 24 hours.  I do realize that in some cultures it is acceptable to go longer periods/intervals between baths/showers…This is just a basic fact.  People do a lot of things.  And you can do anything you want…but the bottom line is…You will stink and/or reek of body odor if you do not bath/shower everyday.  If you live in a society where this is acceptable and you are comfortable with it…as is everyone around you…ok.  But for everyone else, you need to bathe.

  1. Deodorant is also a must, otherwise body odor will still be a problem.  Keep some in your purse, car, or drawer at work just in case you forget to put some one before you leave home.  (Quick tip:  the  clear gels deodorant works well if you’re going sleeveless…it dries invisible and doesn’t leave that awful white residue on your top if you have to pull it over your head.)
  2. Your skin Ladies,  at all times, you need to keep (with you) some lotion, skin cream, shea butter, natural oils, or whatever moisturizer tickles your fancy.  Your skin needs to be moisturized after you bathe otherwise your skin takes on a cracked, ashy look…Eh, this is true of all ladies, not just ladies of color. Dry, cracked ashy skin is just more noticeable on ladies with ethnic skin tones…lighter tone and Caucasian skin will still be dry, cracked and ashy, it just won’t be visibly apparent.  So, please, moisturize!  This is especially relevant in the colder, winter weather and for ladies who live in dry climates.  Your skin loses its supple moisture more readily.
  3. Clean Teeth/Fresh Breath – You must brush and floss your teeth daily or not only will you have halitosis (bad breath) but likely cavities and gum disease as well.  And not only that….For diva style, one must go the extra mile…which in this case means…breath freshener (tic tacs, peppermints, spearmint chewing gum, mouth wash, or whatever).  You need to do this, keep something with you in your purse so you can freshen up your breath after you eat/snack.
  4. Lip Balm or Chap Stick for the lips. Cracked, flaky lips are not attractive…and Ladies that aspire to diva style do not sport dry, cracked lips.  You don’t have to wear make-up or lipstick (I sometimes don’t), but you should have lip balm or gloss in your purse to keep your lips moist and supple.

That’s it for now…but I will revisit this topic again in the near future…I haven’t even touched on Hair maintenance, and cleaning/grooming of clothes.

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

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