Avoid These Bad Shopping Habits!!!

Ladies, there are certain shopping habits that you should not form.  They lead to other problems, which in the end cost you unnecessary money and frustration.

4 Bad Shopping Habits/Practices you should Avoid Like The Plague

#1  Waiting to the last minute to get your Easter Dress, Christmas Outfit, (or any other type of special occasion outfit or the accessories needed to go with said outfit.)  Would you wait till after the Rehearsal Dinner to go shopping for your wedding dress?  Of course not, so then why did I have people calling my cell phone on CHRISTMAS DAY 2014, asking about what I had available?  (No joke.)  Your options are limited when you do this.  Yeah, sometimes you can still find what you want but you may end up paying more for it or being unnecessarily stressed out in the mad dash to beat the clock.  Another reason its bad to wait till the last minute is that you are more susceptible to making a bad purchase when you’re shopping under the gun.

#2 Buying items of clothing that don’t fit right (or don’t fit the way you want it to) when you try it on at the store.  If you have to lose 5lbs to wear it, go home, lose the 5 lbs, then come back and try it on.  Why, because, what if you lose the five lbs and it still doesn’t look flattering on you or it fits, but in a weird way? (Or what if you never lose the 5lbs?) Seriously, being smaller does NOT guarantee a good fit.  It only guarantees that you can wear it, not that you look GOOD wearing it.  Haven’t you ever tried on an item that was too tight, then you went to the next size up, and it fit but still wasn’t cute.

#3  Buy clothing, shoes or jewelry that is uncomfortable.  Even if it is just the tiniest bit uncomfortable don’t buy it.  Why?  Because with age and time, it will become VERY uncomfortable.  You will either, not wear it and your money will be wasted or you will wear it and have pain and injury as a result.  Don’t believe me?  Try wearing a slightly uncomfortable pair of shoes to work…all day.  A tiny twinge will turn into a throbbing pain after 8 hours on the job.  Do this too often and you get swelling, bunions, blisters, etc.

**The same thing applies to earrings ladies.  (Too heavy earrings give you headaches, hanging ear-hole, scarring and scabs.)

#4  Buying damaged clothing or fixer-upper jewelry with the idea of doctoring it so that you can wear it.  (Ex. Shortening the skirt, getting the stain out, converting the clip-ons to pierced-ear, Re-stringing the necklace.)

  • Likely you will never get around to fixing it or making whatever alterations that you had in mind. (Bottom-line: your money is gone and you have nothing to show for it.)
  • What if you make the alteration and you still don’t like it. Turns out those clip-ons don’t look good as dangly earrings.  (Bottom-line: your money is gone and you can’t return it because it’s altered.)
  • Or what if you make the alterations, they come out perfect, but it still doesn’t look right on you? Turns out that shortened skirt makes your knees look too wide.  (Again, your money is gone.  Do you see a pattern here?)

I’ve had to gently talk customers out of doing this.  It’s a risk at best and a waste of money at worse.

As Always, Stay Stylish!

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