An Ode to Unrequited Love…Happy Valentine’s Day!

“The Words I Left Unsaid”

by D. Alyce Domain


IMG_1201The words I left unsaid, are playing on my mind.

They’re coursing thru my veins, and traveling up my spine.

They fill my heart and soul; they’re all I think about.

They were on the tip of my tongue, and nearly tumbled out.


The words I left unsaid, take my breath away.

They’re tangled in my hair, causing it to fray.

They’re wrapped around my finger, and stuck between my toes.

There’s no place that they aren’t, even the bridge of my nose.

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New Fashion App “PICK MY STYLE”, The World is Your Fashion Advisor

Found this online, just thought I’d share….sounds both fun and ridiculous.  I’ll let you ladies decide.

“Making fashion decisions can be a challenge at times. While many people turn to a friend’s advice, there’s always those times when no one’s around to lend you a hand. Pick My STYLE presents a solution to this concern, only better as it gives users straight forward, unbiased and unified feedback from a community of real users.

Not sure if the outfit looks good? Post a pix and get instant style feedback. Can’t decide between 2 pairs of shoes? The “VS” versus tool feature in the app can make it easier. Post images of the 2 styles, and let the community answer your style survey. Whether it’s an outfit, fashion item or trend, your style doubts will be put to rest as you get the real style pulse – making it an effective time saver, money saver, and a personal stylist on the go.”

Visit to download the App for Android and IOS.

Stay Stylish Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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