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Color Fade Winter Tunics!

Soft, feminine & perfect for ladies with a little extra love around the middle.  These elegant winter tunics are made to layer (must wear something underneath!) and will wear great with leggings, jeans, or slacks.  Multiple colors available:  Camel, Brown/Purple, Green, Grey, & Black.  (2 shown below)

They are “mullet” (back is longer than the front)  And, it falls below the hips so they are work-friendly if paired with slacks.

The Camel…

The Smoke Grey Color… (notice, the side view, there are slits on both sides.  A top, shirt, or undershirt must be worn.)  I have it pictured with a long [black] tank top below and [tan] tank top above.

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Broaden Your Winter Wardrobe: Mix, Match, & Layer

So, its finally beginning to feel a little bit like winter here in H-town.  So in the past I have preached the importance of switching up your routine to create a more unique you.  Wear the same skirt with a different blouse.  Or the same blouse with new accessories…Toss in a scarf…put on a belt, etc.  This advice is especially relevant in the fall/winter time (For Houstonians) because here we have very mild winters…so who wants to waste money on an extensive winter wardrobe when really, you may wear it for a couple of weeks in January and February (That’s usually when the really cold weather happens in Houston…and by cold, I mean…maybe 45° – 50°F).

That being said, you really can get away without having a winter coat here, if you play your cards right.  (Unless of course we’re in one of those rare years when it dips into the 20s…and gasp, snows.)  This is also the best time to layer your clothes.  In order to layer properly you HAVE to mix and match, that’s just how it works.  So, let’s start with something simple (yet stylish) ways to winterize a fall ensemble.   A long, fall skirt…See the endless possibilities with just one taupe skirt.  This is 6 different ways to wear it.

What I did – Took a neutral taupe skirt. (but grey, navy, brown winter white, black etc. would all work too) If you’re going to layer, there has to be a neutral color somewhere otherwise you will end up looking like a bag-lady.  So, I added from there.

-If you go with taupe or grey the possibilities are endless!  (Blue, Red, Orange, Winter Pink, Purple etc.) I worked with Royal blue and Bright Orange three-quarter sleeve blouse.

-Once you decide on the color top you can add…

  1. scarf (traditional, infinity, or other)
  2. cardigan
  3. necklace (the cut of the blouse will determine the style of necklace you should add. Obviously don’t do a scarf and a necklace unless the scarf is just for warmth until you get inside of a building.
  4. a non-traditional accessory (ex. arm warmers, ear-muffs, interesting purse, scarf made of some funky material, etc.)  Either of the purses below would be a great addition to this winter ensemble.

Example #2 – The Sweater Dress.  I basically did the same thing.  Its just a dress and slightly less neutral.  Both both dresses have a blend of colors that can be picked up.  This is a trait of a lot sweater dresses that I’ve seen.   So they are good for adding accessories.

Aside:  The long sparkly beaded necklaces come with a clasp which enable them to be worn long or short.  Thus,  they go with multiple necklines and can be switched up to give the same outfit a different look.

Hopes this helps with your winter wardrobing.

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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