Clothes with Issues: Good Buy Vs. Bad Risk

Now, in my last post I addressed some of the most common bad shopping habits that all women should avoid.  But there are some grey-area type situations where you have to make a choice.  Sometimes its ok to buy an item that’s (what I like to call) “cheap and cheerful” as long as you know its limitations and you go into it with both eyes open.

  1. Always check the seams before you buy an item of clothing.  If the seam is frayed or raveling, leave it at the store.  Seriously, this should be a deal-breaker.  Unless you are a seamstress or tailor you can’t fix it and you will look shabby if you wear it as is.  Bad Risk! 

But what if the seams are fine, but there are hanging threads.  If there are hanging threads, but the item is cute, reasonably-priced and attractive on you…Its ok to buy it and just cut the threads.  However, don’t expect to hand it down to your daughter.  Good Buy. Read more

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Avoid These Bad Shopping Habits!!!

Ladies, there are certain shopping habits that you should not form.  They lead to other problems, which in the end cost you unnecessary money and frustration.

4 Bad Shopping Habits/Practices you should Avoid Like The Plague

#1  Waiting to the last minute to get your Easter Dress, Christmas Outfit, (or any other type of special occasion outfit or the accessories needed to go with said outfit.)  Would you wait till after the Rehearsal Dinner to go shopping for your wedding dress?  Of course not, so then why did I have people calling my cell phone on CHRISTMAS DAY 2014, asking about what I had available?  (No joke.)  Your options are limited when you do this.  Yeah, sometimes you can still find what you want but you may end up paying more for it or being unnecessarily stressed out in the mad dash to beat the clock.  Another reason its bad to wait till the last minute is that you are more susceptible to making a bad purchase when you’re shopping under the gun. Read more

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Broaden Your Winter Wardrobe: Mix, Match, & Layer

So, its finally beginning to feel a little bit like winter here in H-town.  So in the past I have preached the importance of switching up your routine to create a more unique you.  Wear the same skirt with a different blouse.  Or the same blouse with new accessories…Toss in a scarf…put on a belt, etc.  This advice is especially relevant in the fall/winter time (For Houstonians) because here we have very mild winters…so who wants to waste money on an extensive winter wardrobe when really, you may wear it for a couple of weeks in January and February (That’s usually when the really cold weather happens in Houston…and by cold, I mean…maybe 45° – 50°F).

That being said, you really can get away without having a winter coat here, if you play your cards right.  (Unless of course we’re in one of those rare years when it dips into the 20s…and gasp, snows.)  This is also the best time to layer your clothes.  In order to layer properly you HAVE to mix and match, that’s just how it works.  So, let’s start with something simple (yet stylish) ways to winterize a fall ensemble.   A long, fall skirt…See the endless possibilities with just one taupe skirt.  This is 6 different ways to wear it.

What I did – Took a neutral taupe skirt. (but grey, navy, brown winter white, black etc. would all work too) If you’re going to layer, there has to be a neutral color somewhere otherwise you will end up looking like a bag-lady.  So, I added from there.

-If you go with taupe or grey the possibilities are endless!  (Blue, Red, Orange, Winter Pink, Purple etc.) I worked with Royal blue and Bright Orange three-quarter sleeve blouse.

-Once you decide on the color top you can add…

  1. scarf (traditional, infinity, or other)
  2. cardigan
  3. necklace (the cut of the blouse will determine the style of necklace you should add. Obviously don’t do a scarf and a necklace unless the scarf is just for warmth until you get inside of a building.
  4. a non-traditional accessory (ex. arm warmers, ear-muffs, interesting purse, scarf made of some funky material, etc.)  Either of the purses below would be a great addition to this winter ensemble.

Example #2 – The Sweater Dress.  I basically did the same thing.  Its just a dress and slightly less neutral.  Both both dresses have a blend of colors that can be picked up.  This is a trait of a lot sweater dresses that I’ve seen.   So they are good for adding accessories.

Aside:  The long sparkly beaded necklaces come with a clasp which enable them to be worn long or short.  Thus,  they go with multiple necklines and can be switched up to give the same outfit a different look.

Hopes this helps with your winter wardrobing.

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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Sensitive Subject Matter: Age Appropriate Attire

This has been on my mind for a while, but I have put it off…not wanting to offend.  But it must be addressed.

There are other factors which should drive your fashion decisions and purchasing choices…less tangible ideas.  Not just…

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Is this my color?
  3. Am I tall enough to pull off the look?
  4. Does the cut look good on my figure?

Its not a matter of whether you can wear the item or the outfit…but whether you should.

This article is not meant to target or ridicule any particular age group of women.  But to instruct and advise ALL humans of the female persuasion on what is and isn’t age appropriate.

Firstly, there is no specific item of clothing that is inherently age inappropriate for any one age group.  What do I mean by this?  I don’t believe in absolutes where fashion is concerned.   For example, leggings.  There is nothing age-specific about them.  EVERY age woman can wear leggings and look good…there is no cut off.  Little girls, teens & pre-teens, young adults, mature ladies, seasoned ladies…Its all good, ladies.  However, mature ladies should not be wearing the same style of leggings worn by nimble sixteen year old girls.  Mature ladies need the thicker, well-made leggings…and should wear them with a top with length enough to fall at or below the hips.  Only teenagers & young adults should be bouncing around in thin, second-skin leggings with crop-tops that end at the navel.

Mothers of Small Girls…This is for you… Your five-year-old should NOT be wearing the booty-leggings that I have described above (nothing wrong with them for Pretty Young Things) But not for innocent little girls.  I have seen small kids running around the grocery store in booty-leggings and navel baring tank-tops…and thought, why are these mothers inviting males to see their children in the wrong way?  Small children should not wear adult clothes (inexplicably) made in children’s sizes…it’s inviting trouble.  Children are not sexy and shouldn’t be dressed that way.  I don’t think this is done deliberately by young mothers.  I think they just don’t realize their mistake.  They’re young, and they’re dressing their little girls in the same clothes *they* wear…thinking that its ok.  Its not.  Little girls should have loose fitting leggings which show no outline of their lower torso…with a baby-doll style top, or cutesy square-shaped t-shirts, that come down and cover their tummy.  I don’t believe in mid-drift tops for little girls…unless they are at the beach/pool or something of that nature.  Likewise, little girls should not be wearing skinny jeans!  (Whose idea was this?)

Another IssueDon’t Shop Outside of Your Section!  You know what I mean.  If you are a small lady, do not use this as an excuse to shop in the junior section.  Sure, you can wear it, but should you? Bottomline, grown women should not be buying their clothes in the junior section!  This is not appropriate.  These clothes are made for Juniors & Young Adults.  The style and cut of the clothes are not appropriate for adult women.  And if you do this, you will look slightly silly.  People who see you may not even realize exactly what is wrong, but they will notice that your clothes are…slightly off, or not quite right.  Of course, they likely won’t say anything to you, but they will notice and whisper to themselves.  You do not want to be “that girl” at the office or in the women’s circle at church.

Mothers of Girls Who Develop Early…or have an unexpected growth spurt.  Do not cave and buy your twelve year olds’ dresses in the Misses section because she’s big for her age or she can’t really fit the clothes in the Girls section anymore.  They are specialty stores specifically for children and pre-teens that have “Husky” sizes.  Or you can have a few things made especially for her…I know, I know, it sounds expensive, but I would rather just pay a little money for my daughter to dress nice and age appropriate than to teach her bad fashion etiquette that will follow her the rest of her life. (Maybe cut back on something else.  Ex. Do her hair yourself instead of sending her to the beauty shop) People tend to do what they are taught to do as children.  If you teach her to wear inappropriate things just because it is cheaper and convenient, then that’s what she’ll do for the rest of her life…even when she’s older and can afford to buy the right things.

Stay Stylish,

D. Alyce Domain

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The Style Guru Speaks: Try a New You…Pt III

Hello, again, Ladies!

As promised I’ve got more info for you!  These are just some of my own musings and experiences that I’ve had in my style life that might help you in your journey to diva-dom.

#7 Try a different hairstyle, something unique. Don’t wear the same old one everyday (for months). Mix it up.  Look around you, I see styles in movies and on TV that I make mental note of, to try at some later date.  This will depend on your hair type of course, but you can also check out You Tube.  Do a search for hair styles and a million of them will pop up.  Try one. (I do this all the time.  As you can see from the pictures I post.  I very rarely have the same hairstyle for long.)

DSCN3804#8 Add a scarf or any kind of accessory to your outfit. And if you can, wear it in a non-traditional or unusual way. For example, instead of draping the scarf around your neck, tie it around your hair as a head-wrap.  Or, tie it around your waist as a belt.  I do this all the time…wearing scarves as something other than a scarf.  You can even tie a scarf into a cardigan.  Also, if you have a really long necklace, you can wear it around your waist as a belt. (see picture.)  (Note:  You will need an extremely long beaded necklace for this…and will likely need to go to a store that specializes in accessories to find it.)

#9 Another thing, look for belts made out of unusual materials (this can jazz-up a boring outfit in a heartbeat.) I actually own belts made out of freshwater pearls, sea-shells, etc.

#10 Wear the same garment in a different way and/or with different accessories to make a statement. I have a few dresses that double as tunic tops.  Sometimes I wear them as dresses, other times, I put them on over leggings as a top.  I usually accent a different color when I wear it as a top verses when I wear it as a dress.  I also wear different earrings, different scarf, necklace, hairstyle, shoes.  etc.  This broadens your wardrobe and makes you look very well-put-together…jazzy, hip and modern.  (and it costs you nothing! Because you’re not buying anything new, just wearing it different.)

Stay Stylish, Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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Enter the Mythbuster…

The Mythbuster…

The Mythbuster is here to dispel fashion lies and style half-truths that Hollywood, Fashion Magazines, and well-meaning friends and family have spread to the unsuspecting public over the past hundred years or so.

Let’s start off with a juicy one this week, Ladies…

The Myth: You have to be small, petite and/or wear a size 6 or lower to look good, have style…or whatever other ridiculous version of this myth is lurking around out there in the populace.

Who started this vicious rumor? Why on earth has it lingered so long? Seriously ladies, it will never die unless we kill it dead.

Other Stories Going Around: I have ladies come into the shop and say things like…”Well, I’ve gained 20lbs so I can’t really wear cute clothes any more. I need to lose the weight first. Then, I’ll be back.”

The Real Lowdown: You can look good, dress fashionably and have style at ANY size! There is NO cut off point. Now, if you have gained weight…the thing to do is to stop trying to wear the same types of styles that you wore when you were smaller. You have a different shape now so you should find a new style that looks good on your new shape. There’s nothing negative or awful about that. The powers that be create attractive styles specifically for curvy girls.

This is not to say that you should just resign yourself to being bigger. If you want to lose the weight and get back into your original style of clothes…Go for it! Good for you. Eat in moderation, exercise, and all that good stuff. But until then, you must dress the body you have attractively.

Or maybe you just have a naturally large frame, no worries.  Same rules apply…there are things out there for you, so don’t lament about your size/height.  Accent it!

First Lady Style…

I think we can all agree that Michelle is not a size 6, and she looks quite lovely in everything she wears.  So enough of this ridiculous myth.  Big/Tall Ladies RULE!!

Stay Stylish,

D. Alyce Domain



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The Style Guru Speaks: Developing a Unique You…

Hello, Ladies!

I’ve got more info for you!  These are just some of my own musings and experiences that I’ve had in life that might help you.  I just thought, I’d share.

Part of your style is self-confidence and esteem..these are things you must have and if you don’t you need to work on developing them.  Having a good, positive image of yourself will help you look better in whatever you’re wearing.  (ok, *stepping down off soap box*)

#1 Thing…

Don’t compare yourself to other women. (Just don’t do it, it never works out well.)  And, for heaven’s sake don’t try to copy their style.  You will always lose this battle on every level, trust me.  I speak from experience.  First off, let me just say this…no matter how pretty you are, how great your hair looks, how perfect your figure is, there is always some woman, somewhere out there that looks slightly better…prettier, younger, a better smile, longer legs…whatever.  There’s no such thing as the perfect woman, which means, if you compare, you’ll always lose.  This is not to say that you aren’t a gorgeous woman in your own right, you are…just means that you shouldn’t feel the need to be prettier/better than someone else to solidify your own worth.  There…its said.  Now, you can start to develop your own style!

#2C01_0380 Look for and seek out unusual clothes…particularly ones that speak to your personality.  I got this top at a Boutique.  As a cat-owner (& cat lover) I just couldn’t resist it.  My cat’s name is Boo, and I also have several Halloween-themed tops with the word “Boo” on them.  People who know me chuckle at this.  But, its fun and unique..its me, so it works.  I once read a book where the central heroine only wore the color red…seriously, all her clothes were a different shade of red.  I found myself waiting to read the description of her next outfit.  She made a statement and it fit her personality and her career…Now, Ladies, if unique style can make a fake woman interesting, just think what it can do for real women!  I’m not suggesting you wear only one color, I’m just saying find your fashion niche and pitch a tent there.

#3 Pay close attention whenever someone gives you a compliment on something you’re wearing.  Generally, you want to use this as a guide when you are shopping.  If you wear a blue dress and get several compliments on it that means you look good in blue (this is a simplistic example, but you get my drift.)  Some ladies struggle with fashion, I know because they frequently ask me what I think of what they’re trying on.  How do I know what looks right on me?…Maybe you don’t, but trust me, others do.  Particularly men…if a man compliments you, then the style and/or color of whatever it is that you’re wearing is VERY flattering on you.  Next time you go shopping look for more things in that vein (don’t duplicate too much, but there’s nothing wrong with having a healthy amount of blue in your closet if its your best color.)

Stay tuned, More tips to come…

As Always, Stay Stylish!

D. Alyce Domain

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