‘Dominic’s Nemesis’ is Coming to the Store!


So, if you’ve been following the Writer’s Journal (my author website/blog) you know that my first novel originally only available in eBook format has launched a paperback edition.  My original launch date for the paperback edition was unexpected moved up…from February 1st to January 4th (due to author error…lol)  Anyhoo, you benefit from Create Space’s lack of a pre-order option.

The book has dropped and is currently available for purchase online (follow links).  Its got a spanking new cover and updated book trailer, so check it out if you haven’t already done so.

Added Bonus for residents of Houston (and surrounding areas).  Starting January 23, 2016...I will carry Dominic’s Nemesis, in-store!  Yes, that’s right…Purchase your copy, in-store, and avoid shipping and handling fees!  For those of you who just can’t wait…online purchase links are posted below the trailer. Read more

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Check out the New Arrivals…

Color Fade Winter Tunics!

Soft, feminine & perfect for ladies with a little extra love around the middle.  These elegant winter tunics are made to layer (must wear something underneath!) and will wear great with leggings, jeans, or slacks.  Multiple colors available:  Camel, Brown/Purple, Green, Grey, & Black.  (2 shown below)

They are “mullet” (back is longer than the front)  And, it falls below the hips so they are work-friendly if paired with slacks.

The Camel…

The Smoke Grey Color… (notice, the side view, there are slits on both sides.  A top, shirt, or undershirt must be worn.)  I have it pictured with a long [black] tank top below and [tan] tank top above.

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