Upcoming Event Reminder! This Saturday, Oct 24th!

The Aesthetic Domain Boutique & Blog will be pitching a tent at the Cultural Market and Talent Showcase.  The event is free to attend (open entry) and very family friendly.  There will be local artists, a variety of vendors, music and live performances and a selection of food available.  Info is below.  (Note:  This is an outside event, so watch the weather report and dress appropriately…Recall, this is Houston.  You have been warned.)


Location:  Project Row Houses, 2521 Holman St., Houston, Texas 77o04

Date:  Saturday, October 24, 2015

Time:  4:00pm to 7:00pm

Dress:  Casual Comfort

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Quick Tip: International Gem & Jewelry Show

Ladies!  If you’ve never been to the International Gem & Jewelry Show, you are missing a treat.  This is a recurring event that comes to Houston, Texas 4-5 times a year (roughly once a quarter).  The next one is on October 23 – 25th, 2015 at the NRG Center (previously known as Reliant Center).  If you’re tired of wearing the same old thing, this is a GREAT place to find unique jewelry and accessories (in every price range).  They have cheap and cheerful fashion accessories as well as loose gems and fine-jewelry.  Jewelry repair is also available.  There’s a food court and everything.  The downside…its a little on the expensive side to attend.  Parking is paid (last time I went it was $10) and there’s an entry fee (another $8 -$10), so straight away you’re out $20 and you haven’t got a single thing to show for it.  Oh, and no strollers ladies, so leave the kiddies at home.

Event:  International Gem & Jewelry Show

Date: Friday, October 23 (12pm – 6pm), Saturday Oct 24 (10am – 6pm) , Sunday Oct 25 (11am -5pm)

Location:  NRG Center (previously known as Reliant Center)

Dress:  Indoor event.  Comfortable walking shoes.  If you go, make sure you look good; its a bit of a fashion show.


Note:  This not an event that The Aesthetic Domain attends.  I go personally, but not as a vendor.

Stay Stylish Ladies!

D. Alyce Domain

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Website Transition Update

Hi all,

I’ve been working on transferring the pages from the old static website to the new interactive Boutique & Blog Site.  All accessories have pretty much been transferred.  Still working on a few of the clothes.  My goal is to have everything transitioned by the end of October so I can shut the static site down and concentrate on Blogging…both here and on the Writer’s Journal.  So excited about everything.  My eBook is dropping soon, so keep your eyes peeled… announcements pending!  I’m toying with a couple of promotional ideas so keep your ear to the ground if you want to take part.

Stay Stylish!

D. Alyce Domain

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